7 Materials included determining the roof replacement cost Houston

When it comes to your roof, it is more than just the shingles that you notice. The complete roof system is formed with a combination of different roofing materials and components. These all determine the roof replacement cost Houston does through professionals.

So, why are these materials important for your roof, and what are they? To ease your understanding of the material involved in a roof, let us break it down for you!

1. Roof decking

The wooden boards making up the frames of your roof are the decking. These boards make up the shingles along with the other components on which they are installed.

You might have to replace the decking of your roof when you get your roof replacement done. The contractor will not know whether it has to be replaced till they finish tearing it down.

Your roofing contractor will definitely have to replace the roof before they start the installation of your roofing components if they find the rotten boards. If your contractor finds the integrity of the deck, then it can tackle the new asphalt roof.

2. Roof flashing

The metal placed anywhere your shingles butt up against something such as the wall, chimney, or in the open valley is roof flashing.

The integrity of the metal is quite strong if your flashing is not rusted, as it will not require any kind of replacement here. If they are damaged or rusted or if you are upgrading from a 3-tab to dimensional asphalt shingle, then your roof flashing will have to be replaced.

3. Underlayment

The felt material that is used over your decking will offer additional protections are the underlayment.

It is an important element of your roof. In your roof replacement, laying down the new underlayment should be included.

The last line of defense for your decking is the underlayment in your roofing system. It is essential to invest in the best roofing components possible.

4. Drip edge

The metal flashing that is installed at the edges of the roof to help control the flow of water away from your fascia and other components is the drip edge.

This drip edge has to be replaced when you get the new asphalt roof. To have it on your roof is mainly a code here. It can be because you fail a home inspection if they are not installed in each code.

For instance, you will have to fix it before you can even put your home on the market while hiring a contractor cutting out the corners and do not install your drip edge.

5. Ice and water shield

To keep the water flowing in the right direction down your roof are the roof valleys. Due to this, they require something in terms of safeguarding them from the constant flow of water each time when it rains.

The waterproof membrane that is used for protecting your roof from water and ice damage is the ice and water shield. To get the best roof replacement services in Houston visit https://www.kleinroofing.com/

There is new ice and water that has to be installed around your roof penetrations and in your roof valleys when you get a roof replacement done. It is crucial to keep the valleys clear of any debris through proper maintenance of the roof.

What does the roof replacement process look like?

When you get an asphalt roof replacement, most of the components and the accessories of the roof’s system need to be replaced. If they are still in good condition, you need to keep in mind about flashing and decking.

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