All About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums that result from the buildup of tartar or plaque, which results in periodontal pockets that support the growth of bacteria. This disease can be easily controlled if detected earlier.

This is why it is important for individuals to have regular dental checkups. You can find more about the best dentist in Indianapolis, IN through various online sources..

Periodontal disease is very common throughout the world. It is reported that nearly 85 percent of adults have this problem. Early detection of the disease can ensure the removal of the plaque.

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Periodontal disease is caused by the practice of poor oral health hygiene. You may develop gum disease if you do not brush your teeth as recommended or use improper flossing and brushing techniques. Daily brushing and flossing your teeth is very important because it eliminates residual bacteria that form plaque, which produces tartar and break down your teeth.

Although gum disease is a dental problem itself, it also can indicate an underlying medical problem. A bacteria that cause periodontitis is linked to heart disease. inflammation of the gums can also be an indicator of stroke, diabetes, bone loss, and oral cancer. Therefore, you should follow very good oral hygiene.

The procedure for gum disease treatment will vary depending on the severity. Drugs may be prescribed to fight bacteria and infection in the mouth. The dental hygienist can remove plaque through root planing and scaling. It’s important for patients to consult a dentist if they experience any symptoms.

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