All Orchid Pots Are Not Created Equally

Potted orchids come in various sizes, shapes, designs. What you choose is up to you and your taste. However, there are some things you want to remember. What a good orchid pot?

A good pot providing good drainage, good air circulation and adequate space for the root system to grow. This gives the roots plenty of room to grow so that they do not necessarily have to grow beyond the edges of the pot. To know more about the grow bags online, you can browse the web. 

Orchid pot is different from the standard pot potted orchids tend to have more drainage holes, both on the bottom and on the sides. Drainage holes also tend to be larger than the hole you will see in the other pot.

A clear plastic pot is one of the more common types of pots used by farmers. They are large pots because they allow farmers to see what happens with the root system and the medium. With clear plastic orchid you will know when it needs watering. Another good feature with their plastic pots are too light.

Another pot terracotta pot is commonly used. Terracotta heavier pots make them more stable. One drawback is that they usually have a drainage hole in the bottom. This could be a problem if your orchids require good drainage around the root system.

But epiphytic orchids can fare well in this type of pot because they do not require a lot of water and there is less chance of the medium becoming waterlogged. Net pots made of black plastic mesh. This is the same material that you see on a green container of strawberries come in supermarkets.

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