Automatic capsule machine used in pharmaceutical industry

There are many machines on the market that can simplify the work of pharmaceutical companies. The Capsule Filling Machine and the Capsule Polishing Machine are two examples. The polishing machine can be used to polish the capsules.

What are the purposes of filling machines?

The automatic filling machines can be used in a completely automated manner and don't require human intervention. The entire process includes capsule orientation, capsule opening, powder filling, closing the capsules, and capsule closing.  If you’re looking for more information about automatic capsule filling machines check this out.

automatic capsule filling machine

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What is the operation of a capsule filling machine?

The empty shells are pushed into the filling machines, where they will then be loaded with medicine. The capsule sorter elevator is used to load the empty shells first. As per the form of powder and pellets, the powder will then be filled.

The cap will be placed on the top of the capsule after the medicine has been filled. After the capsules have been filled, the cap will be removed and the capsules will undergo polishing.

The machines can be divided into three sections: inspection section, polishing section and feeding section. The vibrator is used to move the capsules through the feeder. Some of the powder collects in the collector due to vibration.

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