Back Pain Relief Products – Are There Natural Cures for Back Pain?

For sufferers of lower back pain, which according to the  governments own statistical office, the NSO, affects some 60% of the adult population, there are many back pain products available from pharmaceutical lumbar pain treatment to physical manipulation, acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation, even magnets and aromatherapy. All will claim to be a panacea for back problems and all will deliver varying degrees of effectiveness.

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Back pain, sometimes known as sciatica, is becoming alarmingly endemic in Western society, probably as a result of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, with less and less manual occupations, which previously conditioned and exercised our bodies. Indeed, increased leisure time has not, unfortunately led to an increase in sport or general fitness enhancing pastimes.

It could be argued that the reverse is true, as the proliferation of passive activities or home entertainments such as computer games, the internet, coupled with more and more junk food diets, is inevitably leading us into even poorer levels of condition in the lumbar region.

. It may be that this figure is exaggerated by the incidence of swinging the lead by some employees, using this as an excuse for additional holidays. However, how many times do we hear work colleagues, complaining of lumbago or sciatica, but committed enough to carry on working through it.

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