Do You Need An SMSF Investment Strategy?

The short answer is that everyone needs an SMSF investment strategy if they plan on managing their superannuation fund. You are legally required to have a strategy in place, even if it's just in your head. Of course, to prove its existence can be tricky in the case, so it is generally better to write one down.

Most superannuation funds, such as retail funds and industry funds have a professional trustee in place to manage the retirement benefits of hundreds of thousands of Australians. Any investment strategy is set in place to achieve most or all of your SMSFs investment objectives. There are many companies that provide the relaible smsf audit services in Moonee Ponds.

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While it is true that it is possible to put together a strategy that way, which is largely missing the point of having one. Ask yourself this: would you go on a car trip without directions to your destination? Do you command a battle without a battle plan?

How about the last time you tried to put up some flat-pack furniture without looking at the instructions? How long did it take place before it falls down? The bottom line is that every human endeavor in which we want to be successful tends to go better when we give little thought.

As much as possible we like to think of ourselves as spontaneous and guided by instinct, a clear overall direction makes it far easier for us to guarantee success. Remember, you may not invest for fun. 

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