Does Your Oil Spill Response Plan Include Bioremediation?

Whether you're an executive of the maritime industry, professional emergency response or offshore vessel operator, you must have all the tools cost-effective and time-saving the most in your arsenal when it comes to maximizing the ability of oil spill response and results. You can get more information about marine oil spill response online at

Accidents of this unprecedented spill response teams stretched to the limit and dramatically highlighted the need for best practices when it comes to saving the environment as much as possible in the event of a disaster. No matter the size of the oil spill, pulling out all the big guns you need to get the job done quickly, and safely as possible.

Traditional oil response equipment including the use of:

  • skimmer
  • various boom
  • oil transfer pump
  • dispersant spray tool (for land or air)

marine and oil spill

  • oil storage equipment
  • ships and aircraft response
  • Plus a whole lot of additional equipment, labor. It is a necessary and important component of the clean-up process, and naturally, they all cost time and money.

To help accomplish the task of cleaning oil spills, there are products such as Bio-W. This product can be used with a bootable spill, will not dissolve, and can be disposed of within 10 days. In addition, there are new products on the way that can be used in shallow water and marsh to more thoroughly and fairly clean and restore the natural habitat. 

Environmental solutions, Inc. distributes alternative cleaning products for industrial applications, maritime, and food processing. Our products provide superior cost-effective, pH-neutral, water, safe to use, non-toxic results. In addition to distribution, we are a manufacturer representative for our product line.


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