Feeding The Best Yeast To Dairy Cows Is A Good Investment

For many years, formulating dairy diets using yeast for lactating and dry dairy cows. The professional goal has been to improve dairy nutrition or fix a problem that hinders good dairy performance. 

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yeast for dairy cows

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Sometimes you have seen immediate benefits from adding yeast in a few days, and there was no change to milk, milkfat yield, or animal health. Although it might not be beneficial in all situations, feeding yeast to dairy cows is a worthwhile investment.

Different types of yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae(SC), a major fungal DFM that is fed to dairy cattle of all classes. It can be produced commercially by fermenting large quantities of nutrient-enriched media, cereal grains, and baker's yeast. SC is a "live yeast" that has been proven to stimulate all types of natural Rumen bacteria growth in dairy cows.

Many dairy nutritionists believe that these activities are not caused by live yeast but the result of end-products or metabolic products that produce metabolites that are then used as nutrients in cows' rumens by natural microbes. 

A wide range of commercial products contain either "live" or "non-viable yeast probiotics, or a combination of extracts and fermentation substrates. There are many options for these products, including granular powders or pastes, gels, gels, and capsules.

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