Five Ways to Know You Have Cataracts

Cataracts are deposits of protein that accumulate on the eye's lens, obscuring vision. When cataracts first begin affecting your eyes, the problem may escape notice. Also, here you can read more about best Cataract surgery doctors and it’s few tips in Los Angeles.

Five Ways to Know You Have Cataracts

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But, glaucoma gradually worsens over time and eventually have to be adjusted. Here are five symptoms you may develop when the lens of your eye begins to lose its transparency:

1. Seeing Dual

Cataracts may cause you to experience double vision (diplopia). This effect occasionally shows up early at the evolution of a cataract.

You could end up shaking your head and squinting to attempt and eliminate dual pictures. This issue might come with eye pain because you strain to see obviously.

2. Foggy Outlook

Fuzzy or blurred vision is a classic symptom of cataract formation. You will likely notice this problem in case a cataract forms close to the middle of your lens.

Things may seem foggy or uncertain. The haziness can impact only 1 eye or both eyes. Cataracts do not really spread from 1 eye to another, but they might grow on every lens individually.

3. Light Sensitivity

If bright lights enable you to float or squint in pain, cataracts might be the offender. Light sensitivity may affect your ability to do normal activities. Shades can allow you to deal with bright light throughout the day, however, the night is another issue.

4. Quick Changes

Myopia will worsen as cataracts increase. If a prescription is becoming stronger each year, your own optometrist or ophthalmologist can perform further tests to ascertain if glaucoma is the reason.

Stronger eyeglasses or contacts may only fix for the reduction of visual acuity up to some point. LASIK surgery on the retina also will not fully correct vision for those that have already acquired cataracts.

5. Lens Look

Since the lens becomes opaque, the student may seem to change color from black to white/yellow.

From the time the cloudiness is evident to other individuals, your eyesight will be severely affected. Despite cataracts that are extremely complex, sight can typically be restored.

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