Flags Are Not Just For Government Buildings

The flags come from hundreds of years ago with an aim primarily to declare any country or territory where you are with and to mark this area with a symbol. 

This symbol was placed on the fabric and hung as high as they could get, usually on a pole so that people far away could see it and know who these people were and what they represented. 

Today, flags are used in many ways, but the most common way is to show pride in where you are. There are flags of the state and international flags that represent the state or country. You can get the best flagpole and flag pole accessories from companies like aluart.de .

Each of the fifty states in America has its own flag which is flown in all government buildings and many schools. 

They come in a variety of colors and everything about something of the flag. For example, the state flag of Colorado in four colors which are environmental characteristics. 

It has two blue stripes symbolizing the blue Colorado sky and a white band that symbolizes the snowy mountains. 

A big red C represents Colorado and the color symbolizes the color of the soil in the state. Inside the C is a gold disc symbolizing the abundant sunshine. 

Many people fly flags of State and their American flag as a way to show pride in where they live or perhaps in a different state which means they originated. At various national competitions, they often have a parade of athletes led by the flag of their state. 

The person chosen to carry the flag of their State feels honored to have been chosen to represent their state in this way.

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