Flight Bag Detox: How to Streamline Your Pilot’s Flight Bag

Pilots love their gadgets and bags. There are multiple sites to shop for them plus it feels like we can’t get enough. You can check out Funky Pilot if you want to buy the best pilot gadgets or bags.

However, on top of the flight planning gear, navigation equipment, and demanded publications a flight bag could possibly get jam-packed with random “just in case” accessories. 

pilot backpack

By way of example, take a look at this detailed list I discovered at an internet forum a pilot actually carries! He states, “I carry around a lot, maybe too much. In no particular order”:

  • Spare CR123 batteries
  • IFR clip-on shades
  • microfiber clothes (one for sunglasses, one for interior windows/windscreen, one for outside windows/windscreen)
  • IFR Timer
  • Spare pens/mechanical pencil
  • Spare spare pens/mechanical pen
  • Fat sharpie marker
  • Kneeboard
  • A/FD
  • headsets
  • Emergency rations (CLIF Bars)
  • Leatherman multi-purpose Tool

The goal here is to take less in your flight bag, but still, retain all of the normal/necessary works of an airport. The simplest thing that I will let you know to do is always to purchase an Ipad!

Buying a fantastic product is merely a portion of this DETOX you want to accomplish. I hope you’ve identified that exercise as rewarding as I did when I purged my trip bag. 

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