Fun Facts About Wine


Who doesn’t love Wine? Along with providing a happy buzz, wine is also good for health and helps digestion. This ancient drink actually used to be regularly consumed. But now it has become a drink for occasions. Do you like wine? Here are some fun facts about wine that will actually make you love it. 

Health – You know wine is good for health, but how? It actually lowers your chances of having a stroke. The lowered risk is even better than the low-risk numbers in non-drinkers. It also lowers type II diabetes risk. 

Phobia – Did you know that the fear of wine is known as oenophobia. Now that’s weird because one can understand the fear of running out of wine, but fearing wine is just plain weird. 

Titanic – Did you know that when divers found the wreckage of the titanic, they discovered that the wine cellar had somehow managed to keep the wine bottles safe and intact. 

Antioxidants – We all hear the benefits of antioxidants and in a glass of wine, there are seven to twenty times more antioxidants than in different fruit juices. You can really slow down aging and prevent cancer by drinking wine. 

Glass Design – The wine glass is purposely filled with only one third and has a slightly wide mouth so that you can breathe in the aromas. And when you swirl the wine, you also release the aromas. That’s why you can see professional wine tasters swirling their glasses.

Speaking of wine glasses, you can now get etched wine glasses that serve the function of serving wine and look good while doing it. 

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