Get Better and Faster Results With Manahawkin’s Boot Camp Training

"Inconsistency, lack of responsibility, and lack of confidence in the gym are the top three reasons for failure when it comes to exercise and body modification." John Benson This is why boot camp training is so effective.

Accountability is built-in

For example, one of my boot camps meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 PM. No mind games. No bargaining with yourself about when you'll exercise.

Default order

Yes, sometimes someone has to miss a training session, but the boot camp meets 3 times a week and you are expected to be there.

* Integrated instructions

Many fitness centers like Southern Fit offer certified coaches who design and lead the training. If you do the exercises correctly, you have nothing to worry about. You get a balanced and effective workout; You don't overload things with magazine articles or (usually wrong) advice from friends. As you train under the supervision of a coach, you will learn to perform each exercise safely and effectively.

Other advantages…

You will receive support, encouragement, and friendship from your classmates. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

You are challenged. Another reason why people don't get the results they want is that they don't push themselves. You DO NOT have to exercise many hours a day; this is unnecessary and even counterproductive. However, you need to train at a higher intensity than most people.

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