Get Brief Introduction to Hardwood or Wooden Floors

In general, the device is relatively simple wooden floor. Batten – a material that has a very long tradition in the wood floor unit. From the remaining material is characterized in that the floorboard has a tongue and groove with only two sides, usually has a greater length – from 2 to 6 meters and a thickness range of – 20 to 60 mm and more.

 Wooden floor – it is one of the most common choice in the construction of country houses. And laying it can be very different. Depending on the material used and can be "floating floor" and the traditional laying of the floor.  

Parquet or solid wood flooring has tongue and groove on all four sides, usually 0.5-2 meters in length, and thickness of typically 18-25 mm. You can check out ‘Oslo construction’ (which is also known as ‘Oslo konstruksjon’ in the Norwegian language).

Laminated flooring in size and appearance they were no different from large floorboards. But, as the name suggests, consists of three boards, glued together under high-pressure glue increased moisture resistance. Layers of wood glued together in such a way that the direction of the fibers of the middle layer of fibers perpendicular top and bottom layers.

The top layer is made of fine wood and thickness of 4-5 mm. Middle and bottom layers are made of less valuable wood (often – pine). This design gives a beautiful performance side, and on the other – a low cost.

This means that the tool can be called wood flooring favorable from an economic standpoint. In addition, the wooden floors made of laminate floorboards, superficially look very attractive and can significantly change the interior of any space.  

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