Global Textile And Apparel Industry

Opportunities in the global textile and apparel will be available for India's enough doubt in the coming decades.

Increased economic growth, changes in consumer lifestyles and buying patterns, slow down export, increased domestic market and the increasing FTA profitable by the Government of India gives Indian textile manufacturers a great opportunity to show its true potential in the global market.

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However, in order to capture a larger market share, it is important that India has the overall competitiveness in terms of cost, quality, logistics, compliance, service, and product development.

There are some challenges in the textile and apparel market and to achieve manufacturing excellence, India should work on five main aspects:

Increase Productivity: Currently, the Indian garment units per level appearing at 40-45 percent efficiency, which is much lower than their counterparts. This is due to the fragmented nature of the industry , the lack of best practices and technology and a higher attrition rate.

To improve productivity, manufacturers need to focus on all elements of the manufacturing system, namely labor, capital, raw materials, and machinery. Rapid strides towards the implementation of industrial automation and 4.0 can drive a lot of savings for the Indian manufacturing companies.

Knowledge of the market: market knowledge essential for any business to thrive and the textile and apparel industry is no exception. When companies have the right knowledge they can work to enter new markets, introduce innovative designs, expand existing businesses and build a distinct identity among customers.

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