Growing Your Own Mushrooms In Canada

More and more we are hearing mushrooms to be included in our daily diet. There is a lot of confusion about what mushrooms are, what to eat when to eat them; and what about them is good for us. 

The new term you are looking for is actually mycelium, and those who study them are called mycologists. The first question is a mushroom or vegetable? This is one of those questions that are not easily answered. There are many online sources from where you can learn how to buy online mushroom in Canada.


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Remember that they are a fungus, grown from mycelium, but they fall into the category of vegetables, with people who consider it a plant. A vegetable is considered to be "any edible part of the plant with a savory flavor" in the culinary world.

The interesting thing about mushrooms is that more than many other "plants" they absorb and concentrate on what they grow. This is what gives the mushroom its power; but depending on where it is grown, it can work upside down, and can be a bad thing.

For example, mushrooms can concentrate on what is in the water feeding them. Mushrooms provide a classic example of one of the places to be sure to eat organic.

Additionally, a good reason to grow your own, this way you are able to control water, but also the medium in which the spores will grow. The mushroom starts with a spore that is so small that you can't really see it. Unlike a seed that you can collect and sprinkle on your growing medium; the spore seems invisible.

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