How Does the Hiring Process Work?

How Does the Hiring Process Work?

1. The client of the recruitment agency opens a position and offers it to one or several recruitment agencies, depending on internal requirements, policies, or depending on the signed contract between the two parties;

2. The client may be required to pay an advance fee (used for posting ads or for initial time spent on interviews). The fee is not returned. Depending on the initial agreement, this fee may be skipped and a final success fee paid instead (only if the agency manages to fill the position with the suitable candidate);

3. Agency posts ads, select resumes, interviews candidates;

4. Agency offers a final list of top candidates to the client;

5. Client interviews final candidates and offers one or several;

6. If the position is covered, taxes are paid and the process stops; else, the recruitment process starts again. If several agencies work in the same position, the first one to fill it gets the money. The rest just waste time.

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A recruitment agency works just like any other company. It is a service provider. Its employees are recruiters (the people who do the actual recruitment and selection), salespeople (who search for clients and sign contracts – sometimes in small agencies salespeople are also recruiters), and support people (like finance people, building maintenance, drivers, any other internal position necessary for a company to work efficiently).

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