How One Man Has Adversely Affected the View of Bible Prophecy for Millions?

There's an extensive variety of perspectives among Christians concerning Bible prophecy.  Even though some would clarify this discrepancy by saying they're there due to those temptations that describe Bible prophecy is hard to understand.

Much might be the end result of the effect of a single individual, a guy by the name of Augustine.  If this is so, its own influence, together with the reasons why he embraced his comprehension of eschatology, might be a powerful argument for the system-followed by her much positively erroneous.

In short, there are 3 standard systems of comprehension of Bible verses in the foreseeable long run.  This can be known as premillennialism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism.  You can get more information about the bc and ad timeline online at

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The expression"millennialism" identifies a span of a million years later in particular, whether Jesus will go back to earth and rule for a thousand decades as expressed, as an instance, with Revelation 20: 2-7.  Prefix earlier"millennialism" revealing where various followers descend on millennialism.

By way of instance, the prefix"a" means"no more" from Latin.  Thus, amillennialists think there won't be a million (a million years) rule in the world by Jesus. The prefix"article" means"after."  This usually means that postmillennialism who thought that there is a time where the entire world will become better and better, followed by the return of Jesus.  

But this perspective was mostly abandoned by the Christian community for apparent reasons. Premillennialist the opinion is that Jesus will return"before" century and dominate the earth for a million decades.  This opinion is held by people who take the Bible for what it says, translating it in a literal, contextual interpretation-or, as a few have made it understanding the Bible in"plain feel 

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