How to Adorn Your Walls with Black and White Pattern Wallcoverings?

black and white pattern

The walls of your home are not only the dividers between the rooms. However, it plays a vital role in adding style to your place. You can adorn your home with a Black and White Pattern which helps to change your mood. These days, there is a variety of wall covering options for your home; you can set any theme in your place according to your home décor and preference. Whether you select the dignity of walnut paneling or mahogany, ceramic tiles, simplicity of the paint, or luxury of leather, you will easily find it and install it in your home.


Due to the attractiveness, variety, and ease of application, many people turn to the wallpaper when they decorate their homes. Moreover, wallpapers have come with a washable facility, and it also offers a smart finish with a long-lasting surface. You can also install the wallpaper on the ceiling to create interesting decorating effects. Besides, wallpaper helps to hide the imperfections and flaws from the wall, such as minor cracks, dents, and stains.

Plastic wall coverings:

Wallcoverings are made from vinyl material that is extraordinarily resistant to the household stains like greases and oils. They have come in a variety of designs, such as made in the form of simulated brick or stone, tiles, and yard goods to conceal wall flaws and irregularities easily. If your walls were previously enameled or oil painted, then you must be pear lashed. It is the process in which you have to wash down your walls with the potash solution. On the other hand, if your walls were previously whitewashed, calcimined, and water painted, they should be gone with the strong detergent and brush. In contrast, if your walls were previously unpainted, scrap them with the wire brush to remove the loose particles. In addition, you can also wash it with strong detergents to remove the dirt and grease.   

Fabric wall coverings:

Cracks in the plaster, spaces, and uneven ceiling lines in the corner where the walls have settled, can be taken under control with the fabric wall covering. They have available in pre-trimmed 24” widths; all you have to take worry about is cutting it in the right length. However, the straight edge makes it easier to do a perfect butting job rather than overlapping the stripes as is done with the ordinary stock. The procedure of hanging the fabric wall covering is the same as the other wallpaper.


Peg-boards are also known as the hardboard. They have available in standard-size panels. You can install it on the entire wall in the room or as the closet. Additionally, perforated hardboard finished on one side, or both can be painted with the roller and brushed with the paint. Peg-board with 1/8” thickness is adequate for most users. To attach the peg-board to the walls or studs, use nails.

In the nutshell

The above article gives you information regarding the various types of Black and White Pattern wallcoverings, and some of the popular styles are explained in this article.

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