How To Create Your Perfect Business Card

Creating the right layout and images to fit on a compact sheet of paper and represent you and your business can be difficult. You want to leave your new acquaintance impressed and eager to remember you. Here are some tips to create your perfect business card to wow your competition, colleagues, and consumers.

1. Breaking the limits. Don't forget that your images don't have to fit perfectly within the edges of your card. Sometimes it's even more visually intriguing to overlap or cut the text or images on your card. Just be careful to keep everything readable. You can find the perfect matt black stainless steel cards at Pure Metal Cards.

2. Consider using different media. Focus on what would best represent your company best. For example, if you represent a steel company, use a thin metal, if you're involved in environmental issues, use recycled paper, or check out clear plastic or paper card options if you're looking for a clean look. Since this can be a bit more expensive, but if you're on the budget, it's a great way to stand out from a sea of paper cards.

3. Use the back of the card to its full potential! Think of it as your canvas to paint whatever image you want your audience to come to mind when they think of your brand. Have fun with it and make it unique to yourself, but be sure to keep it in line with your overall design theme.

4. Remember that people are intrigued by different textures and unique designs that catch their eye and make them smile. Have fun and get creative!

5. Get them from a company that will offer you optimized printing solutions and offers options such as laminate finish, embossing, rounded corners, and die-cutting.


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