How to Enjoy Black Truffle Sea Salt at Home?

Natural sea salt coated with rich black truffle. A delightful fine finishing seasoning for savory red meat, fish, poultry, and egg dishes. Recommended for seafood dishes and also for pickling and preserving applications.

Recommended Grain Size: Fine (FINE).

Please Note: Not suitable for silver salt shakers because of the large size of black truffle grains.

A long way to go to satisfy everyone's taste buds! It is not only a sea salt but it has a wide range of flavors from the cracker-like to the somewhat nutty. With this reasoning, there is no doubt about the fact that this is a true bulk seller in the world of bulk seasoning. One of the interesting facts is that this seasoning was discovered by accident. And yet, it became a very popular worldwide phenomenon over the last decade. There is a good reason to believe its popularity would continue to grow.

The black truffle sea salt is a versatile seasoning ingredient for salt, vinegar, chutneys, gravies, and much more. For example, it is used in curing champagne. That's not all. It has been added to jams, garlic jams, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, steak sauces, seafood sauces, and more. Its earthy flavor can give food an earthy taste or a hint of thatch.

This seasoning has a medium intensity of salty flavor. You will certainly notice the salty note when you rub it on your food. In fact, this is a favorite seasoning for bread, cakes, cookies, and candies. If you rub it on just about anything with butter or a cream texture, then you'll get a nice, intense flavor that you will enjoy. That's why it is so popular.

It is unusual but it is also rich. For example, Italian black truffle sea salt has a higher magnesium content. Magnesium helps in stabilizing blood pressure and it is good for heart health. That's why it is considered an essential mineral. It also contains trace minerals like manganese, potassium, iron, and calcium.

It is light and it is very salty. Most sea salts have a very light flavor. But this salt has a slightly thicker texture. If you like to make foods with a thicker flavor, then this is the seasoning for you. You can sprinkle this on top of seafood or you can use it as a flavor ingredient for cocktails. Some people even add it to coffee, sodas, ice cream, and other drinks.

The high heat from the oven sometimes makes it difficult to use truffle salt. When it is at high heat, there is a burning feeling at the back of your throat. In order to be sure that you won't experience this problem, place truffle salt on a piece of aluminum foil before placing it in the oven.

Although there are many different types of sea salts, black truffle salt is probably the most unique. It has a distinctive earthy flavor that no other type of salt on earth offers. If you want to experience the real flavor, try rubbing this seasoning on fish, meats, eggs, and vegetables. It is definitely a unique seasoning with a very interesting history.

Black truffle has a higher level of iron compared to regular table salt. It is an earthy flavor that is also reminiscent of different herbs such as thyme and oregano. It is commonly used in Italian cooking and is known to bring out the flavors of tomato, cheese, and wine. This type of salt flakes is ideal when mixed with chicken, lamb, and beef.

Another way to enjoy this earthy flavor is to mix it with sea salt and combine them with baked pasta dishes. You can throw truffle chips on top of your pasta and serve it with a sauce of butter and sage leaves. This combination will surely make your pasta dish look delicious.

Truffles are naturally high in protein, which makes them a healthy snack for any kind of diet. You can enjoy this salty treat with salads, grilled fish, pasta dishes, and even as a healthy entree. The reason behind this is that the essential oils present in it help you get rid of bad cholesterol. In addition, sage leaves contain high amounts of minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Therefore, this is considered to be an excellent addition to your diet and is highly recommended by experts.

If you want to get to enjoy this heavenly flavor to the fullest, make sure you keep in mind all the necessary precautions such as keeping your food in the fridge and making sure it is not exposed to high heat. It has a wonderful flavor but you need to take note that it is high in calories. Hence, it is advisable to eat them in small quantities and take your meals in a proper way. By taking the right amount of these truffles, you can make your meal a special one and enjoy the healthy flavors for a long way.

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