How To Get A Restraining Order From An Abusive Spouse

If you are dealing with an abusive partner, then the first step should be to get out of the situation. A number of domestic violence shelters will provide women with temporary housing and other services to help them get back on their feet in these types of cases. 

The next step, though, should be to seek out a temporary restraining order from the violent partner. To know more about restraining order attorneys read this post here.

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File a Petition

To get a temporary restraining order from an abusive household member or spouse, you must go with your attorney or loved ones to the courthouse in your county. 

The specifics involving which documents need to be filed will vary depending on the city, county, or state where you reside, but anyone seeking a temporary restraining order against a domestic partner will have to file something called a petition for an order of protection against domestic violence. 

For that petition, I recommend being prepared to include your full name, home address, social security number, date of birth, and phone number, at a minimum.

Give the Reason for Filing

Besides that basic information, you must be prepared to give a brief description of why you are seeking an order of protection. For some people, recounting the traumatic events that created the need for a restraining order can be emotional. However, in Denver, a domestic violence attorney should be able to help his clients with the paperwork and ensure that giving the statement is as painless as possible.

Get a Restraining Order

Filling out all the documentation for a temporary restraining order is very simple. The process will take about two hours, after which a judge will almost always issue a temporary order of domestic violence or an order of protection against domestic violence, depending on the jurisdiction. 


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