How To Prepare The Mixture For Homemade Pancakes

Pancake mixes are mostly made of very simple ingredients like flour, eggs, butter, and milk. To make delicious pancakes, use organic eggs when making the pancake mix. Organic eggs have a deeper yolk, so pancakes made with them will have a better color. 

The milk can be skimmed or whole, there's not much difference. You can use buttermilk instead of milk. It tastes really good. And salt, of course, even the smallest pinch counts. And you can even dress her up while making cute pancakes. You can also buy the best chinese pancakes through the web.

Quick Chinese Scallion

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Some people like to let the pancake mix sit for 30 minutes because it can make it lighter in texture. Use vegetable oil or sunflower oil to make pancakes. Don't use olive oil as it can add a tangy flavor to sweet pancakes. 

Always make sure that the pan has a non-stick coating. And remember, the pan retains heat. So the more pancakes you bake, the faster the butter will heat up and the less time it will take.


You can save your pancakes. Arrange the pancakes alternately with two layers of wax paper each and place the entire stack in a nice freezer bag. You can keep it for up to 4 months. 

If you plan to use frozen pancakes, thaw at room temperature for about an hour. Before use, make sure it is at room temperature. Heat a frying pan and grease it with a little oil, then heat the pancakes on both sides.

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