How to Use Green Screen Backgrounds

Virtual green screen sets are no longer confined to the entertainment and film industry. They are used by not only professional but an amateur photographer. It's easy to create a set up anywhere and at any place. It allows you to add visual effects in video footage or images. There are many advanced techniques and tools to produce firm and impressive images and movies.

A photographer should take care of some points while creating and using the technique of green screen background. A photographer can add some effects when using this technique to create images and movies. It is not difficult to set up a studio. Someone should be able to create a studio keep certain points in mind. You easily buy the green screen background via

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It is essential to keep the studio well lit. You can make use of key and fill lights in the studio to properly light the subject.  A person can use the key light to illuminate the entire studio. Fill light is used to eliminate the shadows on the face or clothes of the subject. 

The rear lights are another type of lighting used to illuminate the background. It is also used to separate the subject from the background screen. Three lights called three-point lighting system. 

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