Important Factors To Consider When Buying An In-Ground Basketball System

In-ground basketball hoops are now more affordable than ever. They are now more affordable due to lower manufacturing costs, better designs and streamlined distribution.

Important Features to Consider for In-Ground Basketball Systems


Protection of players is crucial when using in-ground basketball systems. Protective padding is a smart idea as players run at high speeds towards the goal. To ensure safety, we recommend that you purchase pole padding when purchasing an outdoor basketball system. You can also contact us to learn more about the important features of an in-ground basketball hoop.

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The thickness of the pole is an important consideration. It will have a significant impact on the strength and stability of your basketball system. For added reinforcement, you will want to make sure the pole is made of heavy-gauge steel. Our BBIG System has a round, heavy-gauge galvanized iron pole with a 48-inch gooseneck. While our GP100 has a square, schedule 40 steel posts. Our GP100 Series has a square-shaped pole that is strong and is the most popular for basketball poles.


Two methods of installing cement in-ground outdoor basketball goals include direct bury or using ground sleeves. Direct bury is a type of pole that is directly buried in the ground with cement. If a pole has been installed by direct bury, it cannot be moved without excavating the concrete. Be extra careful when placing. A ground sleeve will allow you to move the pole as needed. This allows you to place the ground sleeve in the ground. It also gives you an additional level of portability.

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