Information About Autism Causes And Therapy

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS) is a common form of brain disorder that affects normal growth and intelligence in children. Children with autism do not build the right social skills and may have difficulty in fairly satisfied themselves with the surroundings.

They can also develop certain disorders such as – locomotives, speech, learning, etc. They may suffer from abnormalities in the formation of muscle along with subnormal intelligence, erratic sleep patterns, and problems gastronomical, seizure. You can also seek help from the various community of autism via or many other similar links.

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  • There are some points that show various signs of autism
  • The exact mechanism behind autism is not clear whether it is at the system level, the cell level, or at the molecular level.
  • Growth factors were found to be behind autism affects some or all of the functional systems of the brain.
  • The size and weight of the brain were found to be greater in autism.
  • Poor immune system is arranged together with the symptoms seen in children with autism.
  • Abnormalities associated with the transmission of nerve signals found in autism.
  • Higher levels of serotonin are recorded.

Autism can affect different patients in different ways and therefore, an individual training plan should be developed according to the needs of children. ASD patients or some forms of autism may develop some dysfunction and therefore, will require special care. Treatment for autism is intended to help children grow self-reliance and self-esteem.




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