Learn About Screw Compressors

Screw compressors are a special type of compressors used for Screw, heat pumps and air conditioning. They compressor is a large mechanical unit, designed to be the core of systems. The small, portable compressor does not fit into this category. If you are seeking for high-quality compressors then you can explore www.okkompressorservice.no/produkter-pa-finn-no/.

Screw compressors are designed to change the low-pressure gas to high pressure and high-temperature gas. Moreover, technically, they are also used to keep a low boiling point. This is achieved by removing the vapor from the evaporator. There are three main types of Screw compressors.

The first type of screw compressor is a screw compressor. Screw compressor refrigerant vapor passes through the spindle screw. Each spindle screw compresses the gas intake. Although there is a Screw compressor with several spindles, most screw compressor has two screw spindles.

The second type of screw compressors is scroll compressors. Scroll compressors achieve a lower level of leakage and therefore more efficient. They are the most common type of compressor cooling in the market.

The third type is the screw compressor piston compressor. Piston compressors are also known as reciprocating compressors.

Although other types of screw compressors exist apart from the three main described above, they only fit very specific situations and usually not very effective. This type is less common and the use is very rare.

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