Making Cold Coffee At Home

Every coffee lover has been faced with the same question at one point or another: what to do with a pot that contains great coffee but is now cold? No, putting it into the microwave to make it work is never a success. Your gourmet coffee with its complex fruity flavors tastes bland. The heady scent is replaced with a subtle burnt smell, and the rich, deep brown hue changes. You can learn some of these suggestions for making the best cold coffee:

Create iced coffee naturally! Pour the coffee into the glass of a tall one and add several ice cubes along with your favorite sweetener, then drink away. If you're able to manage the calories and have whip cream in your refrigerator and you're looking for a scoop or two. It'll add just the right amount of power to make it truly delicious. Vanilla will amp the flavors up further. You can even purchase the vanilla substitute at

Do you remember the soda floats from your youth? Now you can have the adult version by making your coffee float. Add the ice cream of your choice to your cup of coffee. Stir it several times, and take a sip of the coffee as it slowly gets flavored by soft ice cream.  

This is yet another proof that good coffee – whether hot or cold – remains the most effective invention since the invention of bread slices. Coffee lovers don't require convincing proof that this is the case, however!

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