Motorcycle Camper Guide for Beginners

If you are always traveling with your motorcycle, whether long journeys or short ones, or you just like going on holiday or camping with it, and find it inconvenient and impractical to need to look for hotels on your excursions, then what you might need is a bike camper. Not just truck owners have the option to have a kayak; bikes owners do too. In actuality, you can get a lot of designs of motorcycle campers out in the market today, varying from small to ones. Based on the type of bike you have, you'll always find one that will suit you. Here is some top of this list finds:

Roadman Motorcycle Camper

Roadman motorcycle campers are an excellent way for a biker to travel and camp. Its lightweight design makes it effortless to pull with just about any size cycle. There is a whole lot of storage space in the camper and on the luggage rack for all your camping equipment and other necessities. It sets up in less than 5 minutes and keeps you off the floor and from the mud. They are a motorcycle camper designed to be pulled by a big or small motorcycle or vehicle that is small. They pulled theirs easily with a 650 air-cooled Yamaha V-Star with two up and with the bike and camper. The wide trailer body matches the standard width of handlebars. This allows the trailer to draft behind the cycle and also to trail the exact same width as the cycle.

Setting up is simple. Flip over the cover of the trailer, fold the attached leg and attach the leg to the trailers bag rack. Put the camping poles from the holders and slide the tent over the tent poles Velcro's onto the main body and S hooks to the lid. It sleeps two on a 6'x4' bed that's fantastic for two self-inflatable "Therm a rest" roll-up pads or double size air mattress or whatever you prefer to sleep.

The motorcycle camper can be used as a bicycle trailer or a bicycle camper by simply lifting out the timber sections and setting them aside; there are no bolts or clamps to eliminate.


Com-Pac-Camp is the leader in custom little campers and cargo carriers. Their uniquely designed camper is perfect for lightweight vehicles like small cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and ATV's. The motorcycle camper is a lightweight top and sets up to four people. They also manufacture cargo carriers ideal for vehicles, ATV, motorcycle, or snow machine. You can check out more about their products at this site

Scooter Schooner (Motorcycle camper)

The Scooter Schooner and Sundowner are light, compact, and simple to pull trailers that are small enough to pull behind bikes, ATVs, or small vehicles. The Schooner sets up in approximately 5 minutes and the Sundowner within only a few minutes. The Schooner and Sundowner both feature a queen-size bed, dining table, two-burner stove, 34-quart ice chest, 27 cubic feet of storage space when packed, and ready to pull. Both versions are 40" wide x 60" long x 36" tall and weigh just 275 lbs.

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