Predisposition For Back Pain

Many people do not realize that they have a predisposition for back pain, not based on any structural issues in their spines, but instead, because of their very personalities and psychological characteristics.

Back pain has long been blamed on a great number of anatomical irregularities and so-called injuries, but recently, the tide is changing; since most of these spinal abnormalities have been debunked as anything more than coincidental to many chronic dorsopathy concerns.

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Doctors and patients alike have often wondered why the most severe back pain seems to occur for no particular physical reason or at an illogical time after a suspected injury. Psychological professionals have long been able to explain the delayed onset of unexplained pain as it relates to times of emotional stress.

When people feel pain, they immediately look to a physical source and in the case of back pain, this source is virtually always the spine. Doctors have enjoyed the benefit of incredible diagnostic technologies, such as x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, yet these devices have further confused the back pain diagnostic process rather than clarified it.

When an abnormality is located in the spine, the blame is focused on the affected structural concern. Degenerated and herniated intervertebral discs, spinal arthritic processes, vertebral misalignments, spinal curvatures, and many other anatomical issues have been blamed for causing chronic pain in untold millions of patients.

More recent and enlightened research now proves the fact that these structural abnormalities are actually quite common, while some are universal. In fact, there has been no definitive proof provided that any spinal abnormality is inherently painful or problematic.

So many people have these conditions, yet only some have pain. To further clarify the lack of correlation between anatomical irregularities and back pain, a great number of people with debilitating symptoms have no logical structural explanation for their pain at all.

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