Rock and Roll and Enjoy the Party


In one of the largest hostel in Indonesia that shows every one perfect high-class parties and adventures. The hostel is in Canggu which is Bali’s latest lifestyle and surf destination with purely aesthetic beauty. Multiple activities are belonging over here such as parties, adventure tours, surf topics, and Island's perfect eateries and cafes.

What Bali has for People?

Indonesia is enriched with very many destinations and Bali Island ranks as a major destination spot in Indonesia. It however displays and features the unique combination of landscapes from the jungles and flourishes wide extended rice fields of Ubud to the white exotic sand beaches of Uluwatu. This island stands out amongst all with the specific unique nature of having many various Hindu cultures with a strong build-up root of everyday regular rituals and ceremonies which makes this island special to its very own kind in Indonesia. Also, it is a major jumping-off point to the surf and diving places of Nusa Penida, Lombok, and beyond.

A fond memory in the lifetime

A trip to remember which last longer in the memories of people who had witnessed the enjoyment in the Canggu hostel party. Slumber Party Canggu is for those people who like to party hard and have a lot of adventure or enjoy both. Backpacker hostels to take pride in providing all the guests a quiet peaceful ambiance with a clean, comfortable and curtained bed in a nice comfortable air-conditioned dorm. There are great security options. The common area space containing features like WiFi, lounging space, a fully serviced bar for party nights and even days, self-service BBQ grill, and a big extended pool for our guests to relax in after surfing or a long night of partying.

The essence of life is to live life to the fullest. Canggu is a one-stop dreamland destination to meet the required end of merriment. Enjoy Canggu with fun and frolic.

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