Slack Integration with Salesforce

Slack is a team collaboration application that has been getting a large amount of momentum over the last few years. One thing sets apart, slack is a simple and powerful way that can integrate with external applications. In this and the next series of articles, we will review the three approaches that can be used to integrate Slack and Salesforce:

  • Get information from Salesforce to Slack using Slash Commands
  • Sending a message from Salesforce to Slack using Webhooks
  • Writing Salesforce Bot for Slack

You can check out online sources to get information about slack salesforce integration.

Here are some features of Slack which makes it more than just a simple chat application, and in fact the whole Project Management Tools. Your workspace consists of channels: one for messages, tools, and files. Channels bring the right people together with all appropriate information.

  • Channels can be based on anything – a team, a project, or even office location – and you can make as many as you need.
  • Co-channel connecting two separate organizations together, allowing you to work with external partners and contractors without having to leave Slack.

A direct message (DM) and direct message group (group DMS) is best for ad-hoc conversations that do not require the entire channel to weigh in DMS can be useful in some way:

  • A replacement for in-person, conversational 1-1
  • An easy way to catch up with teammates
  • Fast and simple way to pop the question

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