Small Business Tips For Choosing Remote IT Support in Colorado – A Remote IT Support Guide

When a small business starts looking for remote IT support and field office remote IT support services, it can become a technical minefield.

There are many methods for remote IT support, mostly using a secure access channel via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) listening on port 3389, although this default port can be changed if you are using a computer running Windows XP Professional SP3 that is MAC but ONLY uses port 3389 ). You can also check this out for the best remote IT support services.

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Remote IT support can also be provided via browser-based technology, which is more common and less secure than RDP and uses port 80.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Professional, Business, or Final Edition only) have a built-in remote IT support feature that can be enabled by following these simple instructions: right-click on “My Computer”, select “Properties” and then “Remote Tab” and select the security option that suits your personal security needs.

To connect to the same network from another Vista/Win7 computer, click the "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication" radio button below. Don't worry about setting firewall rules, Vista or Windows 7 will do it for you automatically.

In short, newer versions of Windows should address remote IT support and firewall issues, block remote requests and block router port redirect errors, which is a thing of the past and something that most people even with limited IT skills should be able to adapt to. themselves, allowing IT to be powerless in the future to help itself.

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