Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Standard pool covers are 8mm, 12mm and 16mm thick. Pool lids are available in various thicknesses. Choosing a thicker blanket will cost more, but will save more energy.

Wider coverage is clearly better for longer life, but also has a greater heat transfer component and greater efficiency.

Surprisingly, the pool roof color is also needed. Most caps stop around the loss of water and equivalent substances, but differ in their heat storage properties. You can also choose automatic pool covers to protect your pool.

While blue is usually the preferred alternative, it is the clear type that blocks out the least amount of sunlight and thus provides the best amount of sunshine.

A blue ceiling can block about 20 to 40% of the sun's energy, while only a transparent ceiling will stop between 5% and 10%.

Although the silver lining has a better ability to reflect whatever temperature is re-transmitted into the water.

The design and style of your pool has the part of the cover that fits you best (size and shape). For most rectangular or ball pools, you should be able to find the right outfit.

For kidney-shaped, oval, or special pools, you may need to reduce the shape. However, this shouldn't be a problem, as tanning pools are quite easy to cut with scissors.

So all you need is a blanket large enough to cover the entire pool and reduce its capacity. Solar pools reduce pool heating and chemical costs with less water loss and longer swimming times. They are affordable and perfect for any pool lover.

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