The Latest Mobile Phones With 3-D Screens

Smartphones make one of three cellphones sold in the US now. The cellphone screen somehow seems to be the place where most innovations occur on smartphones. First, there is a screen size where they increase bets; then there is a touch screen.  

They come with screens that emit three-dimensional moving images that don't require special glasses. In 3-D technology used in films, two scenes of the same scene, one for each eye, are superimposed on top of the other. You can find here at to get a thorough knowledge of 3-D technology.

Special glasses let one or the other pass at one time, for a three-dimensional illusion. There is a hysterical effect here that can be achieved by wearing glasses in the wrong way. Everything appears inside out immediately.

But all of that has been in the past now, with a new generation of new large screens on mobile devices that remove glasses. This screen uses a special type of optical technology that uses light steering. The light emanating from the screen touches one or the other eye, not both.

If you hold a small holographic image in your hand, you need to move the image slightly forward or backward slightly to find the best angle – the sweet spot. You also need to do the same with a glasses-free 3-D screen.  

The technical term for 3-D without glasses is called stereoscopy. Microsoft even has its own technology that is not far away from the small hand adjustments needed by ordinary displays. The Microsoft version allows more than one person to enjoy the screen.  

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