All About The Dog Crates

Dog Crate is a closed box type room where dogs are closed to transportation to various fields or dogs closed for security purposes. Crates are made of different materials that are very tough and hard so dogs cannot escape. Crates are usually made of metal, wire, or tough cloth. The main purpose of the dog crate used; Take dogs on a trip with family, display dogs in various shows and make guests safe from dogs. You can also find the best “dog crate metal” (also known as”hundekiste meta” in the German language) through the internet.

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Types of dog crates

There are many types of dog crates depending on the material from where the enclosure is prepared or a cage or crate. Some common types of dog crates are as follows:

Aluminum crate:

Aluminum crates consist of two types; Repaired and folded. They have many advantages over other chests such as; They are lightweight, very strong or difficult, will not undergo rust, the air flow is very good and the dogs trapped can see more clearly. Aluminum crates are used as the most common in animal hospitals or animal institutions. It is also used to keep dogs inside the house and used to marry dogs. They occupy more space and are expensive.

Wire crate:

Like the name shows, this is made of wire. It has fewer profits than other chests; For example, it can be folded easily, occupying less space and economical. They are available in various sizes depending on the use or size of the dog. Most wire crates are used on dog shows because dogs can be easily observed by the audience. 

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