Koi Pond in Your Garden in Dubai

Sometimes customers initially expressed an issue that koi fish could be a burden or even a hassle. They'd be concerned about needing to feed them every day, or what they'd do if going on holiday.

The fish are incredibly important concerning their participation in the nitrogen cycle. Provided that you just stock the saltwater pond with little fish like guppies and mosquito fish, then they won't ever have to be fed.

They could exist only on food the pond supplies. If you are interested in having a Koi pond, you can read about brilliant koi pond landscaping ideas via https://aqualivin.com/landscaping-services-eco-ponds/.

The fresh chlorine has to be added frequently and your garden may smell like a swimming pool all of the time. The chlorine also induces several minerals and suspended particles to precipitate and build on the stones, causing unsightly white spots from the water's path.

You can have a huge koi fish pond, and give your fishes a cute name. In case you want to have bigger fish like koi, the nitrogen cycle may require a little additional assistance from a biological filter and infrared lighting.

The bigger the amount and dimensions of the fish, the larger the waste material generated. This usually means that some of it should be taken out of the water.

Elevated levels of nitrates and nitrites raise the sum of ammonia and other by-products like pea soup poultry, turning your water look green in the pond.


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