How to Find the Best Tanning Salon

A tanning salon will help you look your best without the need to constantly expose yourself to the sun. It will give your skin a healthy glow even in those sunless winter days. If you have tried visiting a tanning salon but left with less than satisfying results, then you may be doing something wrong. Here are some tips so you can get your best ever tan. If you want to get more information about the tanning salon at

Have an Analysis

It is very important that you have your skin analyzed before you begin the tanning procedure. Popular tanning salons do this so that they can assess the right settings for the tanning bed. This test also tells you how long your sessions should be.

Make sure to moisturize your skin prior to the session

Tanning can cause massive damage to your skin , if you don't put in the effort to moisturize it. There are a variety of products that can accomplish this. There is Tyrosine for instance, which is an excellent moisturizer. The most appealing aspect of the product is it's also a chemical which encourages melanin cells in order to multiply. This way, it will increase the tan you have.

Try a dark-tanning cream

Your stylist may suggest another cream that isn't Tyrosine – that is the darker tanning lotion. They can improve results , and are also referred to as bronze accelerators since they're specially formulated for use with the tanning bed.

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