Take Your Voice to the Cloud

Even though using a Unified Speech Assistant in a company is proven to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve workflows, many professionals are still skeptical about speech technology.

That shows a fairly slow market growth and major concerns starting with people rather disappointed with the voice recognition start Siri. You can browse https://www.smartcombusiness.com/ if you are looking for a cloud-based communication system.

Fortunately, the problems detected on Siri do not apply in the case of company greeting applications. The solution is able to offer support for small and medium businesses, but also for Fortune 1000 customers.

The high reliability of such solutions is evidenced by the trust of the main players in the communications market.

A good speech recognition tool must provide high accuracy and continuous linguistic enhancement capabilities.

The traditional constraints faced by companies when considering adopting speech technology are the substantial initial investments needed for deployment and maintenance.

Although there is little doubt about ROI, initial costs and a rough economic climate are the main reasons many businesses delay projects. It is true that traditional deployment in locations takes a long time and can provide quite complex support.

The good news is that we now live in the era of cloud communication and cloud-based applications. Host or cloud-based speech technology services are no longer the subject of concern mentioned above.

 Offering the same benefits as the traditional SEAA premise (Speech Enabled Auto Assistant), it can be faster and easier to use.

The above solution eliminates all related costs of premise-based solutions. Expenditures are more predictable thanks to the pay per user/month model, a method that is far more manageable than a large initial investment.

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