The Correct Method of Car Wash

When you wash your car, it's essential to ensure that everything is carried out in a safe method and in the correct order to avoid any injury from occurring and also to make sure that all areas are completely cleaned and everything is not missed. 

If you wash your car yourself you could already have a routine that is suited to your needs your car. If you looking for nearby car wash services  then you can take services from Airdrie car washing stores. It's a good idea to get all of the equipment and materials you'll need for your vehicle.


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Pressure washers and hose pipes must have a connection to the supply of water and be sufficiently twisted to give you enough length to allow you to easily move around your car. 

Wash buckets should be filled with shampoo and include the guards in place. Wash equipment and drying towels should be kept close at hand together with other cleaning products like wheel cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners. Also, any cleaning brushes needed should be kept together.

Before cleaning, be sure that your car is located in an appropriate location. It could mean shifting it off the street to a driveway, or towards the sidewalk to provide a bit of workspace, especially in case you don't have a driveway, or in an area of shade in case the sun is shining.

The initial stage of car washing must always be cleaning the wheel and wells. They are known to be the most contaminated area of a vehicle and usually require a heavy cleaning product to wash them thoroughly. 

If you clean them after the paintwork and body have been cleaned, you may easily recontaminate the newly cleaned surface with the product that has been sprayed over and dirt

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