The Future Martial Arts School

The "smart school" recognizes them immediately and downloads tips/suggestions right into their memory for storage. The "smart school" recognizes what mood they're in through facial gestures, physiological changes, or biological changes from their last visit.

The "smart school" talks to them, greets them, and reminds them of what needs to be worked on in their personal development plan. You can also look for the best international schools in the Netherlands via

The "smart school" catches their thoughts if they get agitated or seem confused with instruction. They can ask the "school" questions and gives answers via thought transfer. It is completely self run without human contact.

All values and teaching methods have been designed with psychological principles underlying them to ensure success.

Class begins, and they can "virtual" spar with their friends, families, or favorite instructors. These classes are completely holographic but so real that the student can't tell the difference.

They can learn their instructor's favorite techniques, strengths, and weaknesses to beat him next time. They can train anywhere in the world with an interactive loading program.

The interactive curriculum would be a floating display so all could see and would disappear when the mind clears it out of consciousness.

The school would expand to the size of the predicted class. They can take holographic pre-testing to see what their grade will be during class.

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