The ideal decor ideas with Kids Wallpaper

kids wallpaper

You will not be breaking your bank when you look into some fresh new home decorating ideas. You can turn your beautifully coordinated home decor and turn them into the existing miss and matched items.

Wallpaper primer and paper illusions are all you need, along with some simple tools for application. Let us first explain the product before rolling your eyes over the idea of wallpaper. The traditional wallpaper application is not similar to the available ones and the Kids Wallpaper, as they are not just for the walls.

Simple home decor ideas

Let us assume that you wish to tie some essential elements in every room together to give an appealing well-balanced decor throughout your home since you are not ready to get your walls redone or the kitchen counters resurfaced. The following few are the best decorating ideas that you can try out:

Kitchen/Dining Area:

For creating a chic coordinating set, you need to gather some cheap wooden bowls and old glass or metal canisters or jars. For holding the fruit, pine cones, or nuts, use the bowls as a table centerpiece. You can even put one of the coffee tables or fireplace mantle in the living room for tying into the other rooms. 


Do you wish to have your furniture pieces get a face-lift? You can quickly get hold of a nightstand, a headboard, a dresser as well as a vanity. You can use paper illusions to refinish that furniture. You can easily mount those picture frames on your walls and have them set on the nightstand even. You can cover the photo mattes within the currently matching boundaries or the covering up the plain mismatched frames for creating a matching set.

Living Room:

You can also upgrade the existing furniture present in your home. You can add up an end table, a bookcase, some shelving unit, or a beat-up entertainment center along with a coffee table. Similar to the tabletop or the individual shelves, you can even refinish this furniture along with wallpapering the walls. You can also use knick and knacks such as a wooden tray, a plastic bin, a glass vase, or all of them easily covered with this decorative paper. You can also use the lampshades and the light switches even.

Home Office:

You can turn the cardboard boxes into some beautiful storage bins for sure. The shade on your desk lamp and the drab-looking wastepaper basket can help create a beautifully coordinated set as you can cover the plastic cup to hold your pens. You can even convert the rusty old file cabinet into a new one as it has become a complete eyesore.


The wastebasket is found in almost every other household. You can easily cover the basket and the other unsightly scenes using polyurethane to protect them from moisture and have a matching set.

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