The Interesting Thing about Lithium Batteries

A battery is basically stored chemical energy that is converted to usable electricity when the battery terminals are connected via some material that will transfer (conduct) and allow the two metals to chemically react.

Like Nickel and Cadmium in a NiCad battery. Basically, the amount of energy you get (volts) is determined by how much "chemical reaction" you will get between the two metals. You can purchase Samsung vape batteries online via

It is for this reason that Lithium batteries are the "latest and greatest" thing since powdered milk. Lithium is a highly reactive alkali metal. Lithium will literally react if left out in open, moist air. Combining with the hydrogen in the water molecules in the air it will turn from a whitish metal to a black tarnish before your very eyes.

That is why when lithium is stored in its pure state, it is stored under oil to keep it from reacting. Lithium is also highly flammable, so if it is already burning, throwing water on it will only make it burn more.

Lithium metal needs to be doused with special chemicals to put out the flames. Lithium is also the lightest weight metal (number 3 on the Periodic Table of elements). Those two features, lightweight and lots of potential energy make Lithium a great metal to use in a battery. For most people using batteries, the life of the battery is the most important aspect.

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