The Research Made On Head Position For Sleep Apnea And Other Treatments

Human beings should have the right amount of eye-rest in order them to be energized the next day. Even though the time they go to sleep may change, chances are, people will wake up in a different sleeping positions. However, people who suffer from sleeping disorders must follow a specific position in order to not be at risk from heart problems. Thankfully, the bright minds have done the proper research on the ideal head position for sleep apnea.

Sadly, there are some people who will find a comfortable sleeping position without having the awareness that the position they chose are causing them health issues. People might feel headaches when they woke up, and may feel some parts of their body to be sore. However, some are suffering from this illness which is the most unfavorable disorder.

This disorder happens when the breathing of the patient is disrupted during sleep. The people who are prone to develop the disorder area men, people who weigh that the appropriate weigh based on their height and age, and those who are over the age of forty. Therefore, for families who notice that their family members produce loud snores, they should go to the nearest sleep clinic.

Thankfully, in this digital age, the healthcare professionals have in their disposal the highly advanced tools, materials and equipment to perform the research on such sickness. These professionals are able to come up with the signs that are linked to the disorders. However, the best thing that the researchers have found out is the best way to treat these disorders.

Healthcare professionals in lung and allergy institutions have run examinations on patients who are diagnosed with this health problem. The test subjects were asked to don head sensors in order to track the activity of their brain. The heads are positioned twenty degrees from the horizon, and this was made possible by elevating the pillows in a certain level.

The bright minds have then found out that eighty-six percent of the subjects have experienced improvement that are on exceeding seventy percent. These improvements were recorded on the blood oxyhemoglobin de-saturation levels, and the apnea-hypopnea indices. The rest of the subjects were recorded to have improvements on the thirty-four percent levels.

When the research is only based on the results from the head position experiment, the severity of it will be calculated, and minimized. Therefore, a number of medical experts suggest other treatments that people can do. These experts advise their patients to lose weight and give up drinking alcohol, and their reliance on sleeping pills.

It is ideal, as well, for patients to quit smoking. This is because this bad habit will increase the inflammation of the upper airway in their throats, and will make their snoring and apnea become worse. Patients are also given the advice to not sleep on their backs, but instead on the sides or abdomen. The treatments on the disorder are existing, indeed, however, not every patient is able to afford. Thankfully, researchers are doing their jobs to help those patients.

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