Trends In Swimwear For Muslim Women In UAE

Revolutionary in Muslim women's swimwear, the burkini or burqini. The word "burkini'' refers to a mix of bikini and burqa. It is a form of swimsuit created by Lebanese designers. The outfit covers the entire body with the exception of the hands, face, and feet, in line with Muslim opinions regarding modesty.

It is a full-length wetsuit that has a built-in hood however, it is a bit looser and made from fabric for swimming. It's described as the ideal Muslim/Islamic-inspired swimsuit suitable for Muslim women who would like to swim but are hesitant regarding "revealing" swimsuits. You can also buy Islamic swimwear in the UAE via

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The Bodykini is designed to adhere to Islamic standards and is targeted towards women who are active Muslim women who can enjoy swimming in public areas or participating in water sports. The bradykinin was designed to improve the athletic performance of athletes and allow for maximum mobility in and out of the water. It also offers UV protection against the sun's harmful rays.

These are the latest version of full-body bathing wear that adheres to Islam's conservative beliefs on women's attire. They're trendy and intricately sequin-adorned miniskirts, which are worn with long pants. The nylon, polyester, and lycra materials allow the water to move in a fluid manner and don't stick to the body of the woman when she is out of swimming.

You can also buy Islamic swimwear from various online sites.

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