Use a Photo Booth for a Wedding

Are you thinking of using a photo booth for a wedding ceremony? If so, then you need to follow a few basic and important tips for the best results.

Choosing the Right Place

Let's start with the basics. Be it photo booth or other services, start by placing a booth in your reception area where it won't interfere with other events. Choose a place for the booth carefully making sure it doesn't interfere with events such as dancing or cutting a cake.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the booth must be easily accessible, and still not deter service staff and key actions.  You can search for photobooth services rental in Detroit through

Time setting

Are you worried about the right time to start the booth? If so, then know that one of the most ideal times for a booth to take action is when the cocktail hour starts. This will give your guests a pleasant time and this is a good time for your guests to find out about the booth.

At such times, the opening of the booth will attract guests there. The photo booth will continue to attract guests throughout the dinner hour. Immediately after dinner, you can expect to have a surge in the photo booth.


Normally, you don't need to announce the opening of a photo session at the booth. If you feel that during the final hours of the reception, most of the interest is focused on the dance floor and DJ, and traffic to the booth is slower, you can improvise by making simple announcements. DJ can do it. He can make announcements and make everyone leave.

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