Useful Methods To Stop Thumb Sucking In Children

The following is a list of methods that can be applied to break the habit:

Don't Be rude: One of the greatest mistakes parents make is becoming upset about thumb sucking. Since anxiety-related behaviors are encouraged, adding negativity will only increase the stress in the baby.  You can also purchase a hand stopper thumb guard for your child to stop thumb sucking.

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Finding their own way: Most babies will eventually get out of the habit without the need for intervention.

Distraction: Find out when your kid will start thumb sucking. This will help you recognize causes of thumb sucking, such as watching TV or being left alone in the room. You can distract your child with words or actions while you are in the room. 

Talk to Them: Use baby conversation to help them understand that thumb sucking is bad for them. While this may seem like a pointless exercise, research shows that babies can understand words more adequately than previously thought.

Bitter Medicines: Apply a small amount of bitter ointment (which is safe to eat) on your child's thumb to break the habit. Avoid punishing him by showing constant love.

Praise: A study of babies showed that they were very familiar with the concept of praise. Be sure to make your child feel great about not sucking their thumb every time. However, avoid negative criticism as it can make them worry.

Alternatives: Due to some of the risks linked with thumb sucking, you can try alternatives such as blankets or cuddly teddy bears.

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