Video Sales Letter – Nail that Pitch Perfectly

Video sales letters are a new method to reach out to clients in a way that screams your brand’s identity. The days when producing a video required a hefty budget, studio, and camera crew are long gone.

Technology provides you with the ability to develop your own video sales letter in comfort, but knowing where to start or even how to start can be daunting. Our easy guide will help you understand the concepts that make for a successful video sales letter. Let’s explore them now.


Grab their attention

Hook viewers with a surprising opening by grabbing their attention and hinting about what is still coming. Studies show that you’ve only got 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, irrespective of how long the clip itself is. By the time you hit the 30-second mark, you’ll have lost 33% of your viewers.

The pressure is on to ensure that your content is enticing from the start, or you’ll be losing audience members from the onset. A hook, simply put, is something interesting that happens at the start of the clip which draws viewers in.

Focus on one key idea

Successful video sales letters center around a single key idea, and zoning in on this should be the main driving factor behind your script. Identifying a focal point idea will prevent your video from being passed over by confused (or even bored) prospective clients.

When choosing a focal point consider the most interesting aspect of your product. Ask yourself Why would a customer choose my product or business over any other? This can be a unique design, an unusual feature, or a more competitive price point. The aspect of your product that allows it to stand out from alternatives will be what you would ultimately lean on in the video.


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