What Are Some Of The Most Popular Sleep Training Methods?

Parents usually have a lot of questions when they first learn the concept of baby sleep training. The first and foremost thing that parents may want to know is which sleep training method is right for their baby.

The myth is that there is only one way to practice sleep. You can get in touch with your expert baby sleep consultant in Gold Coast at www.babysleepmagic.com/pages/in-home-consultation for sleep training.

The Ferber method says that you don't have to worry too much about your baby, just spend 2-3 minutes with him. This method takes into account the fact that babies need to wake up in the same environment they were in and learn to fall asleep again in the process. This method is good for children over 4-6 months.

Move the chair gradually each night until you are out of the room and no longer have to be there. With this method, you don't have to get involved with your child, which means you may have to watch them cry without doing anything. This can work as long as you stay consistent.

Fading method is preferred by people because there is almost no need to cry, although it does require discipline from parents.

Hold them until they calm down, then put them back in the crib. Repeat this until the baby finally falls asleep. This may take some patience as some babies find lifting and lying down too stimulating. It is good to monitor your child's reaction to this method to know that it is a good choice.

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