What are the Features of The Barcelona Style Chair

The Spanish Mies Van Der Rohe chair replica is a high-quality reproduction, inspired by the original Barcelona Mies Van der Rohe chair. The original Barcelona chair was meant to show Germany as a modern cultural and business location at the 1929 World's Fair.

The Barcelona chair quickly became an icon of modern classic design, coveted around the world. The Barcelona chair uses a lot of leather tubes and embossed buttons. You can view the special Barcelona seats by visiting this website.

The design is inspired by old folding chairs. This is most obvious when the frame is in the x model and almost looks like it can be folded into place. Even the original frames were designed to fit together. In fact, it wasn't until 1950 that the frame was redesigned with solid stainless steel for a smoother finish.

This replica of Barcelona is a contemporary design with a classic design perfect for your bedroom or office. This replica chair in Barcelona has corner seats for ultimate relaxation.


1) Premium and luxurious aniline leather upper grain;

2) Polished stainless steel frame;

3) High-density foam cushion for maximum comfort;

4) Smooth corners;

5) Play at the best quality;

6) Appearance increases with age.

If you are willing to buy this chair then you can purchase it from online stores like Keeks Designs.

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